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 this weekend was good. new years was awesome! :) when i met Joe.. it was weird. There was something there, but.. i think it was different for both of us. I just wanted to hold his hand and kiss him. He wanted a quickie behind a tree. Hmm. I know i love him. Grr this sucks. 

anyway! new years, was cool. i spent it with niamhie and her family. :) i know it's not ideal, but i'd've preferred it to going out somewhere strange and getting pissed with strangers, which were my other options. yeah, was good.

i guess not much is going on in my life, haha. oh i get to see my counselor next wednesday, which will be good. mum said she's going to send me to the doctor again. 

i'll blog when something interesting is going on. i find this really hard atm. 


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