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 i saw hope today. it was sort of awful, awkward.. niamh didn't like it at all, i'm not sure why not. when me and hope were about to walk down the narrows, she looked at me and went, i don't like you. she's your best friend, what about me? and i was like, you're my best friend, because hope cooper is not. hope said it to me when we were on our own, that she didn't really need anyone else because she had me, her best friend. i felt like saying, ''i'm not your best friend. i've moved on.'' but i couldn't. she came back to our school today, as well. she doesn't go here anymore! i wish she'd move on. i know it's a horrible thing to say, but she pops in and out when she feels like it, and well.. i don't like it. 

i'm meeting her on sunday. i hope it's not weird. 


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